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Open BIN File


What is a BIN file

The bin file extension is associated most commonly with compressed binary files.

Bin files are usually used by various computer applications and also applied to varieties of uses. It is used along with DVD and SD backup image files and several anti-virus programs.

It equally contains binary codes used on your computer by many of the applications on the device.

The bin files can be saved in basic binary format and equally be opened using a text editor. Be that as it may, some Bin files are created using some computer applications, like Roxio Creator, which must be opened using the software created with a compatible software application.

If you have once downloaded an image file belonging to an old program or game on your computer, such files can be accessed using the BIN file.

You can find all the information about your DVD and CD under the BIN extension. In the next section of this write-up, we will discuss how you can open bin files on your computer.

bin file extension

Programs to open BIN files


How to open a .BIN file

  1. The first method to be discussed here involves burning the bin file. You can burn it to either a DVD or a CD. However, you will require the CUE file to do this; you can create the CUE file if you do not have one. The CUE file can be created using a notepad.
  2. Next, you can open the burning program. Bear in mind that BIN file will only be supported by an older program since it is an outdated format; this is even more so if it is a multitrack BIN file. Nero, Alcohol 120% and CDRWIN are a few of the programs.
  3. The next thing to do is to load the image file. You may ask for the BIN file or load the CUE file depending on the particular program. Once you have loaded the image file, you will see the readout that shows the amount of space to be taken by the image. Then you can start burning without any further delay.
  4. The burning can only start after seeing to it that the image loaded correctly. Just look for an empty disc and the start brining. The time the burning takes will be determined by the size of the image, the performance of your computer and the speed of the burner.
  5. You should next test the disc to find out if the file was well copied or not. The testing can be done by inserting the disc into the device.
  6. Furthermore, you can use virtual drive software to mount the image in order to open the BIN file. The software will emulate a physical optical drive in the computer and then allow easy mounting of the image file. The computer will be deceived to think that a disc has been inserted and the image already loaded as if running from a disc.
  7. You can download programs like DaemonTools to do the mounting. Conversion software can also help out in this regard to change the BIN file to an ISO file.


About BIN files

This article is intented to learn what a file with a .bin suffix is and how to open it. The software programs (editors, viewers, installers and readers) of the file format and file types are recommended to view the file formats of this page.