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All the File Extensions and their meanings

The following articles about file format definitions, help and how to open files are presented.

A computer filename is a string with a name a dot (.) and a format that represents the type.

There are many types of filenames: audio, video, image, text and more. In this site we will see the most common.



List of the most popular computer extensions and data formats.


The guides will help you in the install and view process of these computer data formats with programs and Software in Windows, Unix and MAC. Some applications are free to download while others have trials or paying licenses.


The generic process is as follows:

  1. Try to open the files double click on its icon.
  2. In the open with dialog select a program compatible. If you don't have the specific software you will have to download it. (a viewer, editor or reader)
  3. Download the software.
  4. Install the software.
  5. Associate the program with the specific files extensions.
  6. Now the software will automatically start when opening the specific files type.


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