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How to Open a CFG File Online in Windows and MAC


What is a  CFG File

The .CFG file extension is the acronym for Configuration File. It was developed by the Celestia Development Team.

The file belongs to the Settings Files category and written in the text format. This settings ✅file extension .cfg✅ is used by Celestia, which is a 3D universe simulation program. Celestia appends the extension .cf to the suffix of the filename.

The file can be saved in plain text formats and also developed to specify the data files to automatically load when the program begins to run.

The file can be easily edited by the end user but the editing should be done very carefully because any improper change to this file can lead to a failure in the loading process. The CFG file contains references to various files, like the .TXF font definitions, .CEL scripts, DSC data file, .SSC data file and even .STC data file.

The file extension CFG can be used by programmers to write various programs the file stores configuration and settings information for programs. There are different types of CFG files and they store data in different formats. The files equally contain value and variable per line.

The text editors are required for editing or reading the CFG file and this is even more so in Windows operating system. In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn about how to open a CFG file.

How to open CFG file

If you are using windows operating system, especially Windows 10, then you can easily open the CFG file by default on your computer using a standalone file text editor and dedicated software. Some of which come preinstalled to your computer.


Instructions and steps:

  1. Find your .cfg file.
  2. Double click on it's icon.
  3. In the open with drop down select notepad or other text editor.
  4. View and edit it in your editor in Windows.


CFG file can be opened using Microsoft Notepad, which is a very popular text editor and has a global reach being used by millions of people from across the globe. Notepad may be used for basic coding by many developers, but it has a simple text editor that can be used on all windows operating system.

Notepad supports CFG file formats and also supports more than 15 text encoding formats.

Notepad is somewhat limited to the basic formatting features, but it is still possible to modify, edit and view CFG source code files on it, which makes it a powerful, but simple text editor for opening CFG files in windows.

Notepad can be used to open a CFG file by default because it is already built into Windows operating systems.

Microsoft WordPad is yet another computer program that can be used to open CFG files. The Microsoft WordPad comes as a default program on most Windows operating systems.

Just like the Microsoft Notepad mentioned earlier, Microsoft WordPad is a text editor, but it is from Microsoft Word; this makes Microsoft WordPad more of a hybrid text editor.

The features are more than what you can get on Microsoft Notepad and you can use the WordPad to embed objects like images and shapes to your text document; it can also be used to embed links. WordPad is a handy tool and does not require many graphic details.

The advanced feature it has makes it a better tool for opening the CFG file. Other tools that can be used to open the CFG files are Notepad++, NoteTab, PSPad and so on.