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Open CRDownload File

What are CRDownload Files

File extension crdownload is used by Google Chrome to show that your file downloading process is not complete yet. For example: when you download a picture then its format is .img but when it is in the process of being downloaded then .crdownload is the extension used by Google to show that the downloading is in progress. You can find all the downloaded objects in the “downloads’ folder of your system or device. As Mozilla Firefox uses .download as an extension, likewise Google uses other.

How to Open CRDownload File

You can open the file by a double click if it is installed nicely. If it does not open, then the problem is with the file. One problem can be it is not downloaded completely and the other could be it being corrupted.


Use the program Google Chome to open this file.


  • Why Google uses it?

The files that are downloaded through Google are given the file extension crdownload which is given when the downloading is in progress. When it is fully downloaded then it changes into another extension depending upon the type.

For example: if it is a song then .mp3, if an image then .img or.jpg. One use of this  can be Google recovering the files that were not downloaded. Sometimes they stop downloading due to a bad internet connection or are at fault and don't just download whatever you do then .crdownload comes in use. In your "downloads" section in chrome, all the ones that were downloaded or are downloading are shown with crdownload.

It gives Google and you an opportunity to “pause” an already downloading or resume one which was not downloaded before. It helps chrome in recovering the them right from where they stopped downloading. Sometimes some ones can also start downloading from the start.


  • Issues:

Sometimes it cannot be opened due to some of these issues:

  • You clicked on a link which was not correct and was downloaded in the wrong path.
  • Sometimes it can be corrupted, and your antivirus cannot scan it properly. Once downloaded then you cannot open it just because maybe it was not meant to open but corrupt your whole system.
  • Your drivers are too old to perform this function. They are outdated and need an upgrade.
  • Maybe the installation of the application or program that is supposed to open it is not up to the point or the right way.
  • Accidently you can sometimes delete the file from the registry of Windows which can lead to the program not locating it and therefore not opening your desired archive.

So, it is an incomplete format which when the download is complete turns into the extension in which it should be stored. ".crdownload" can be called as an incomplete used by everyone's favorite Google chrome browser.