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How to Open a DAT File Online in Windows and MAC


What are DAT Files

The File extension dat can contain any kind of text, images or any kind of data whatsoever. It is created by some software as a backup so that some things can be restored. It is a basic format extension which is in a lot of computer programs.

It can only be viewed through a text editor or in the software which created it in the first place.

The format in which it contains contents can be both binary and text. Some of these can't be opened by the user and are just there for use.

These files are useful and contain most of the important stuff of a software or program, they can also be dangerous for your system.

Some viruses can usethis format to get in your system as the anti-virus programs just read the viruses as normal .dat.

As in reality they are viruses just trying to reach your system’s heart.

Keep your antivirus programs updated and with exclusive functions so that your system can be safe from fake filenames.

.dat file icon


Programs to Open dat files

These cannot be opened casually as they can contain data in any form i.e. texts, videos, and others.

The program which opens it  is not known so first try to use the built-in editor in your computer i.e. Notepad. If it does not open up your .dat file then you can download some text editors like:

  1. Brackets
  2. Visual Studio Code
  3. Komodo Edit
  4. MeetingWords


How to open dat files in Microsoft Word

If you want to view it in MS-Word then you can. But if your .dat consists of pictures and videos then word would not be an option for you.

But if it is just texting then you can go for MS-Word. If it does not open because of the graphic content in the dat then you can always go for Notepad.

Notepad will exclude all the graphics content and just show the HTML text content which you can copy paste in a word document. Some of the programs that open these formats are:

  • File Viewer plus
  • Nero 2018
  • Video LAN VLC Media player
  • VCD Gear
  • MPlayer
  • Eltima Elmedia Player
  • CyberLink PowerProducer

Many of the these files format on your computer can also be just rubbish and without any use there. If any of these are unexpected and you feel like they shouldn’t have been created in the first place then do not open.

Opening up an unrecognized one can be dangerous as it is used by different viruses to get to your system which can make your system infected with viruses.

.Dat files can be used to store any kind of data depending on what software is creating these.

Binary and text are the formats they can be found in. They can even contain graphics such as images and videos which can't normally be opened through Word or Notepad.