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How to Open a DOCX File Online in Windows and MAC


What are DOCX Files

A file having a docx file extension originates from Microsoft. It is used in opening Microsoft Word in the XML format. This file extension has an extensive use and can be used to open and edit resumes, reports, cover letters, documentation, flyers, newsletters, invitations and so on.

The files contain text usually and can equally contain other elements, like images, rich formatting, styles, and objects.

The docx file extension came to the fore for the first time in the 2007 version of Microsoft Word. Earlier versions of Microsoft Word use the doc file extension.

Doc file is great and has several benefits, but docx file extension has even better advantages in that it is easier to support and can equally compress the documents you save under the .docx extension. This is possible because the .docx file is based on XML, which is stored as a separate file and also compacted into a single file compressed as Zip file, thereby reducing the size of the file.

While the DOCM extension is also sued by Microsoft Word, there is no relationship between Microsoft Word and extensions like ADOC and DDOC.

How to open docx file

As mentioned earlier, .docx was introduced by Microsoft from the 2007 version of Microsoft word and it has been the only extension applied since them to date due to the many benefits mentioned earlier.

Those using an earlier version of Microsoft Word or the .doc extension can get the Microsoft office compatibility pack, which is available for free.

This program can be used to open, save and edit the docx file even if you are using the older version of Microsoft Word that has a .doc extension.

What is more, there is no need to open the docx file using Word because Microsoft program provides a free Word Viewer program and it opens the file effectively. With this program, you can easily open Word documents, like doc and docx files even if you do not have any Microsoft Office already installed on your computer.

Also, recent developments indicate that it is possible to access any program related to Microsoft Office on your computer even if you do not have any related program already installed on the computer. This is because you can use any of the free word processor programs available online.

You can use these programs without downloading any of them. Good examples are ONLYOFFICE, OpenOffice Writer and Kingsoft Writer.

Another program with which you can open the docx file is Google Docs. It can be accessed online and also used without the need to download the word processor program to your computer. The Google Docs can be used to open and also edit your docx files. It is web-based and its operation depends largely on the speed of your internet connection.

You need to first upload the docx file to be edited on the Google Docs before you can carry out the viewing and editing. What about Microsoft Word Online? It is yet another tool that can be used to open and edit your docx file online. This service is offered for free by Microsoft and it looks similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Word.