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How to Open a PAGES File Online in Windows and MAC

  • File type: Web file/ data file
  • Description: Pages extensión (.pages)
  • Developer: Apple
  • Format: zip


Problems opening .pages files? If you have a file with the .pages extension and you don't know how to view it you are in the right site. Only certain programs can read, view, edit or convert files with .pages extension.

Try the programs we recommend. You have to download the software (viewers, readers) to view it or convert it to another format file extension.

  • What is a .pages file?
  • How can I open a .pages file?
  • What programs (editors, viewers, readers or installers) can edit, view and launch?
  • How to convert .pages files to another format.

file extension pages

What is a PAGES File Extension?

Files with the .pages extension are placed in the /pages subdirectory of a web server.  It was created by Apple as a MAC word processer. This is similar to the Microsoft Word by Windows.

The .pages extension is hidden for the MAC users when they open it, but the extension can be clearly seen with the document name if you open it in a windows or android environment.

The files with .pages extension might contain text, page formatting info, graphics, tables, images and charts.

Although the files with .pages extension can be opened easily for MAC users, it does not mean that Windows users cannot open the Pages files. You can’t ignore the page documents received from a family member, friend or your employer who uses an iPod or MacBook for the reason you are being an Android or Windows user. Below are few tips on how you can open a file with .pages extension all in Mac, Android and Mac environments.



If you are a MAC user, you can simply open the Pages documents using the Pages applications available for the MAC users. You can view the pages of your document with the original formatting by using a Pages application.

The ability to export the documents to other formats such as .DOCX, .DOC, .PDF, and .EPUB are also provided by some of the Pages applications available.

If you are having difficulties in opening the Pages documents using the application you have in your device, you can simply upload the document to iCloud online account and view or edit the documents as per your requirements.


Programs to open PAGES files

Most of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch owners have no access to Macs. Therefore, they tend to use Windows or iOS to open the Pages documents. In case you try to open a Pages file using Microsoft Word,you will find that Microsoft Word will not open the document because it does not recognise the .pages extensión which is unique only to native Apple pages.

You will also notice that a pop-up window will appear asking you to choose an app to open the Pages file if you keep trying open a native Pages document in Windows devices.

The simple trick you can do to open  in your windows environment is to just change the extension of the document to .zip and try opening it using Microsoft office or any other JPG or JPEG viewer. However, this will work only for the old versions of Page files and not for the newer versions.







.PAGES related extensions


How to open PAGES files


Instructions step by step method 1 - open from the MAC devices

  1. Go to the MAC App store from your Apple device.
  2. Download a Pages file app.
  3. Install it in your device.
  4. Find you file in your device.
  5. Double click on it in to open the document using the installed Pages application.


Instructions step by step method 2 - open from the Windows computer

  1. Allow the extensions of the files to be seen. To do this, go to folder options > View > Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
  2. Once you see the extensions of the documents, go to the preferred Pages document.
  3. Right click on it and choose ‘Rename’.
  4. Replace the ‘.pages’ extension with ‘.zip’ extension.
  5. Unzip the folder and you will see three folders in it as,
  1. QuickLook (File Folder)
  2. buildVersionHistory.plist
  • index.xml


  1. Open the QuickLook folder.
  2. You will see two files as ‘Preview’ and ‘Thumbnail’. You can see the PDF version of your original document by clicking on ‘Preview’ and JPG image by clicking on ‘Thumbnail’.
  3. You can convert the PDF file to a .docx or any other file type as per your preferences.


An important note is to keep the original Pages file for backup and use a copy of the Pages document to view and edit using the above steps.

This is to ensure that in case your Pages document will encounter issues while trying to open in a Windows environment, you always have the original file safe in your device.


Associate the extension to a program

You can associate the .pages extension to the appropiate software. This will ensure every time you are opening a enl file the associated program will launch by default.

To do it just double click on the file and select always run with this program option (Always use the selected program).


.PAGES converters

  • HybridJava Compiler


How to create a .PAGES file

You have to open the Pages application in your MAC device either in the Dock, Launchpad, or the Applications folder.

  1. Open the program double clicking on the icon
  1. You will see the template chooser once you open the application. If not simpley follow, File > New
  2. Double click on the selected template.
  1. Pages templates are designed either for word-processing or for page layout. To see what type of document the template you opened is designed for, click in the toolbar, then click the Document tab. If the document body checkbox is checked, it is a Word processer otherwise it is a page layout document.
  2. To sabe the document, go to File > Save and provide your document with a name.
  3. Choose the location to sabe and hit ‘Save’.


About PAGES files

In this website you learn what is a file with the .pages suffix, how to open, view, edit and convert it.

The dynamic link library file format can be opened in windows, mac and linux with the programs above.

If you have any comment or need help about the PAGES file or related software send it to us through the contact page.