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How to Open a PDF File Online in Windows and MAC


What are PDF Files

You must be facing trouble with your file extension .pdf and that is why you are here for help to open PDF File.

No more worries, these can be launched by specific applications that are available free of cost. There is also a possibility of the particular being a data one rather than as a document or any media, which means that you can't view them at all until you export the original file to some other preferable extension. Okay, now if you lack a basic understanding of what is it? And why can't it be downloaded or viewed without a software? You are guaranteed that you will get a solution from the below-mentioned information.


acrobat reader


PDF is a string of characters that are at the end of any filename representing the type. In this case, we have ‘.pdf.' The name at the end of the filename will let the Windows or Mac on what type it is in order to get it opened by the application from the system.

Usually, windows or mac have their own default program to identify and open these extensions. Often, Windows or Mac associates with the default program in order to open each filename, while the it is launched when the program launches it automatically by double-clicking what you desired to open. When your system does not have the default program that is required to open the files of different extensions, then they tend to show an error in opening it. It is essential to get your system with the program that is required to open the extension while in order to avoid the error when you try opening it.

Therefore, such incident resulted from you in coming up here on how to open the file extension .pdf.


What is ?

These are classified as data, and they are known as ‘Portable Document Format' . They are developed by Adobe, and the format was realized in order to provide the broad support of viewing and sharing it across any system widely despite any purpose. The .pdf usually consists of:

  • Text
  • Visual elements like images
  • Charts and tables
  • Annotations
  • Bibliographies
  • Indices
  • Footnotes and endnotes.

Formatting any attributes and page layout can be made with specifications which later be integrated into the content of a PDF while accessing the features that are widely used as authoring and editing applications.

The program behind this format allows the content to be viewed as preferred for these PDF files, though when it is viewed in a computer monitor, it has a look which is closely similar to its printing version.

Looking into other majors, few popular Web browsers have been executed with the support for viewing this documents online through specific plugins. While it can be downloaded and viewed as well in your system. Recently, the latest version of Google Chrome and Safari can be used in opening the .pdf file and view the content of without installing any plugins to the web browser.


How to open PDF file?

If you lack the default program in order to open this, then you have to download from the web immediately. The default program can be as mentioned:

  • Adobe Acrobat X
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PDF box
  • LibreOffice
  • Microsoft office

Well, these are used for launching a .pdf file. You have to download them in your system and install them in order to make them function in opening your desired .pdf. At instinct, you will be able to Launch this, or any other on your system, by simply double-clicking it.

Then, if your links are set up correctly, the program which is meant to open your file will open it in order for you to view and share as well export or import it according to your wish.

Free Programs

If you are still confused with what program to install, there are the above-mentioned programs which are available on your web for absolutely free of cost or sometimes you might even have to purchase it if you require with any other specifications of purpose.

At times, there are possibilities that your file is associating with an error when you try to open it each time, this might be the reason that you didn't install the right software program according to your system which might be Windows, Mac or any other. This might want you to install the right program in order to open the .pdf format. If you install the right program according to your system, then you will be able to open it at the instant.

It does not require much of work, instead of few clicks for installing the program from the web directly and double-clicking the .pdf  to open by using the program that you installed. Follow the aforementioned information while downloading the program so that you install it carefully under a guide.


Warning Note

Be careful that you should not rename the suffix on these files, or any other where it may result in losing the data, or it may reform it in a way that you can't open at all.

Trying to change the file extension .pdf into something else will not change the type instead let you lose it forever if there is no backup. If you intend to change the type, then there is specific software which does this conversion technique in order to give you the data in a format that you require.

With the help of software, you can get your data with another type of format in order to view, edit or share it.


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Open Verdict

The .pdf requires software to open it. It must be a default program in your system if it does not open that means you have to install the program and go further in opening it through the newly installed program. Hope you find this to be helpful in getting your data from these type of files.  


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