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Open SWF File


What are SWF Files

SWF file is an Adobe Flash file format and it is used for various programs like ActionScript, vector graphics and multimedia. The software originated from FutureWave Software and transferred to Macromedia after it later came under the control of Adobe.

The file can contain applets and animations of different types of functions and interactivity. The file can equally be useful in many other programs, like browser games with the use of ActionScript. SWF file is a vector graphic animation file.

The SWF file can be generated by programmers from within various Adobe products, like MXMLC, After Effects, Adobe Animate, Flash Builder and Flash. MXMLC is a command-line application compiler that forms a part of the Flex SDK, which is freely available.

How to open SWF file

While it is easy to open the SWF file on virtually all the versions of Windows Operating System, but it is not easy to open the said file on your Mac computer. If the file is not opening on your Mac operating system or even on your Windows operating system, you can opt for a conversion to easily open the file.

Converting the file to another type of file will make it easier to open the file using another program on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. This will only become necessary if you do not have the SWF player already installed on your computer.

You can unzip the file directly on your computer. In some instances, the file is packed in a Zip file and you only need to use the common unzip program to unzip it, like the WinZip program. Just double-click on the ZIP file to show the contents, then you can use your mouse to drag the SWF file to any location where you want to save it.

The SWF file can equally be opened by using your web browser. This method is also very easy. Open any of the web browsers that you are using on your computer; it can be opened via virtually any of the common web browsers.

Some of the proven ones are Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. You can then click on the SWF file and drag it with your mouse into the window of the web browser. Next, release the SWF file on the web browser window and the file will automatically start playing. You may have to install the latest version of Flash player for your web browser if the file fails to play after following the method described above.

If you do not already have the SWF player on your computer, you can download the essential SWF file Player and get it installed on your computer.

To open the SWF file, you can simply drag the file on to the SWF player app. This requires that you first open the app and drag the file on to it. You can also drag the SWF file to the Dock icon of the SWF player app.

Additionally, you can open the file by selecting File on the menu you find on the SWF player and then click on Open.