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How to Open a TMP File Online in Windows and MAC


What are TMP Files

File extension tmp is an extension which is used in the ones that are stored in your system or cell phone temporarily. These are normally created by an application or some files that are downloaded or installed through the internet.

These sometimes can remain in your system and fill up your storage space. They are stored as "temp," "tmp" or "cache." Sometimes it is difficult to figure out which program actually made a set of temporal files but it can be figured out by the filename that comes before ".tmp" these normally are created when there is software being installed. That is why some programs take way too much space after being installed due to their tmp files.

They are generally created as backup for recovery. In some of the Microsoft programs, they save a backup that is .tmp every time the original one is opened. These are created so that if your system shuts down all of a sudden, then there will be a file already created to pick up from where you left.

It also works when you close the program, or it gets crashed all of a sudden. These files can easily pile up in your memory and take a lot of space so going through them and deleting them is very important.

Deleting them is no easy task because some of those files can be necessary for your program to run and you would have no idea about it.


Programs to open tmp file and delete it

There are a lot of applications or programs that can be used to detect the important tmp files and the useless ones. These programs help in deleting the ones that are useless and are just eating up your space.

Some of the programs are Easy Erase File Cleaner, G-Lock Temp Cleaner, and PARC Shredator.

If you want to open them, then you can double click and open it, but if it still does not open, then you need to download or install a program that can open these. You can also convert them into word by renaming it with .docx extension to open it in MS-Word.


  • Importance:

These temporary files can be seen as something that eats up your space and does nothing, but they are as important as any on your computer.

They are created through apps or programs being installed so that they can store some of the functions of the program without taking the system space. They are important as they are created for your backup and not uselessly.

Some of them can stay and not be deleted from the system but that could due to a lot of issues. The program being crashed or what not. They can also stay in your system when not checked and deleted as most of them do not get deleted on their own.

They are important for backup purposes and can play a big role in recovering your programs.