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How to Open a XLSX File Online in Windows and MAC

What are XLSX Files

The XLSX file is like an excel spreadsheet that is created by Microsoft Excel or any other program that involves spreadsheet. 

XLSX files are created to store spreadsheet data which also contains stuff like charts, graphs, different mathematical equations which makes it an all in one rows and columns containing software.

It can be used to store any kind of money matters that is financial data and also different models involved in math.

The best thing about these files is that they can be edited in your own way. Each row and column cell can be edited or deleted according to the user which makes them very user-friendly.


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How to Open XLSX files

The basic program to open these is Microsoft Excel which is present in every device or system which makes it easier to open. If you just want to view the .xlsx and have no interest in editing it then you can go for installing Microsoft Office Excel Viewer which will help you view it.

If you also do not have Microsoft Excel which is impossible then you can install OpenOffice Calc. and view your .xlsx.

Another option can be opening them using Google sheets which can open files and let you edit them too.

These are most used in the business sector as they cover everything and can be edited and saved with no worries whatsoever. They are also #1 in the field of analysis and can be used and edited anytime.



If you are working under Excel then you can always go to “save as” and then change the format as you wish.

If not then you can always download and install any converter or you can just convert it online with online services like Zamzar.

Some of the software that can open an .xlsx are:

  1. Quattro Pro
  2. Kingsoft Office
  3. Hancom Office Hancell
  4. Free File Viewer
  5. Microsoft Excel
  6. File Viewer Plus
  7. Softmaker Office
  8. Gnumeric
  9. Apache OpenOffice
  10. Corel WordPerfect

Converting your xlsx can be a long process and sometimes an average user cannot do it so going for downloading and installing the programs which are best suited for conversion.

You can also download the above-mentioned programs in order to view your .xlsx file so that you don't have to go to the path of converting it.



The file extension xlsx was introduced in 2007 with Microsoft Excel because the former versions of MS-Excel were the xls format and the latest one became xlsx. They can be edited and saved which makes them different from other file extensions.

Every cell in the spreadsheet can be edited individually with all customizations possible.

It saves all mathematical work even if it is complex and saves them in a row and column spreadsheet form. It is not a collection of individual files in one but a collection of files individually.